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Vinyl Banners - Finishing Options

Vinyl Banners

grommet finishing

Grommets - No charge

Grommets or eyelets are the most popular banner finishing option. We will grommet your banner (usually about 18-24 inches apart). using brass grommets with extra no-tear reinforcements.

While these will suffice for smaller and indoor banners, we recommend hemming for outdoor installations.

Grommets are also used in many of our non retractable banner stands.

We include this option at no extra cost to you on all our banner products.

Stitch Hem Vinyl Banner for added strengthHem Stitching

Outdoor banners require added reinforcement and we recommend all outdoor banners be hemmed. This double stitch hem adds strength to the edges where stress can begin.


An alternative to hem stiching is to tape the hem instead. This is also a good alternative where the stiches may intefere with the design.

Hem and gromet for most outdoor bannersHem and Grommet

The combination of hem and grommet protects the banner from fraying and extends the lifetime of the banner. We advise this finishing option on most of our outdoor banners and some long term indoor banners.

Hemming also ensures that grommets pass through at least two layers of vinyl to improve the grip.


Webbing or seatbelt for large and exposed bannersWebbing (seatbelt) edge enhancement

For exposed locations, large banners and extended life, adding this "seatbelt" webbing material to the hem ensures the heavy load of banners exposed in windy locations is evenly distributed along the edge.

Rod or Pole PocketsRod or pole pocket

Used for both indoor and outdoor banner promotion, a pocket is stitched for mounting on a pole or rod hardware. In outdoor applications this keeps the banner from flapping in wind and extends it's life.

Rope (sewn into the hem)

Certain applications i.e., Over-The-Road banners or flags require the extra reinforcement of rope or cable sewn into the hem. This is a legal requirement for most municipalities when hanging banners.

Wind Slits

Large and exposed banners act like giant sails catching the wind and putting the banner and mountings under tremendous stress. One option to offset this stress is the application of flaps across the banner that spill air through the banner. Care must be taken that the pockets do not interfere the design, particularly with double sided banners.

Other banner options

While these are our main banner finishing options, there are many more available. Talk to us about your project, where it is being installed and for how long it needs to be up and we will make our recommendation.


No design? no problem. All of our banners include
free design and basic finishing.

Prices do not include any special finishing, applicable taxes or shipping