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Vinyl Signage - Mounting Options

Vinyl Banners

Mouting to Foamcore or Gator Board


While you can choose to mount onto board yourself we recommend letting our experts do the hard work for you.


We stock a wide range of ideal mounts for your promotion, here is a simplified list of your options.


Note: we recommend lamination for most mounting.


Foam Boards

(Pictured above) Light and rigid, a foam core sandwiched between two thin layers of card. available in Quarter and half-inch thicknesses. We have found great success with our "Gatorboard" half inch mount. Very strong, will not curl and light enough to be velcro mounted to walls.


We recommend Gatorboard over the lighter flimsier Foamcore.


Mounting on CoroplastCoroplast

The perfect solution to outdoor and short term promotions. Inexpensive, tough and light yet lasts and looks great for many years.

Available in multiple colors and thicknesses.


Sintra is composed of dense plastic. This durable product has an easy to clean surface and an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. It is a popular choice for permanent displays and other applications requiring increased durability. This can be an option for signage as an alternative to metal.



Acrylic, or plexiglass, is a clear flexible plastic material, superior to glass in many ways because it is lightweight, does not chip, crack or have a green tint of colour. Acrylic is often used for reverse mounting where the image prined on clear adhesive vinyl, mounted to the back of the panel, then an opaque white adhesive is mounted on the back. This is often used in street furniture and bench advertizing.


MDF and Scooterboard

Ecellent for outdoor use, sometimes as a higher quality longer life substitution for Coroplast.

This class of products covers all treated wood fibre products that are virtually imune to weather conditions outside and interior applications where lighter materials can be damaged.


When it comes to mounting there are literally thousands of options. Talk to us about your application and we can recommend the ideal solution.


No design? no problem. All of our products include free design