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Laminating is the bonding of a thin transparent plastic film to any visual material.


Adhesive vinyl while tough may need protection from either the weather, bright sunlight or even sticky hands. Lamination bonds a clear film to the printed surface, enhancing the color, protecting from damaging UV and shielding the surface from damage.


When should I use lamination?

Any application outdoors. exposed to weather or direct sunlight

Any place that may be touched or need to be cleaned occasionally

Any vehicle or window application

Larger sizes of decal (lamination greatly improves handling making larger decals easier to apply).


When can I skip lamination?

Short term promotions where the application will only be out for days or weeks.

Decals applied to posters or other paper products.

Indoor applications where touching/abrasion won't be an issue


Our laminate is available in many finishes (gloss, matte, pebble etc.) and available for different end uses (whiteboard, vehicle, floor graphics). We can advise you about the ideal finishing to suit your application.



This finish is suitable for all images and vinyls. Gloss enhances and sharpens images and colors. Many graphic designers prefer this to enhance their prints. This contains UV inhibitors that will add at least 3 years to the exterior life of your promotion.



Our non-reflective matt finish is suitable for conditions where detail is important and easy to read: eg architect’s drawings, medical posters and trade show images where spotlights will flare up poster surfaces. UV inhibited for ultimate protection from the ravages of time. Often used in Trade shows to reduce reflection from multiple light sources.



Lamination may also be used in conjunction with mounting.


Other Finishing options available, please ask.




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